Love your favourite clothes for longer — for a more sustainable future

Extending the lifespan of clothing by an extra nine months can reduce carbon, waste and water footprints by between 20% and 30%.*  That’s why Electrolux washers and dryers feature new care technology that helps your clothes to last longer — reducing their impact on the environment. 

Experience the most effective stain removing washer with SmartBoost®

Exclusive SmartBoost® technology premixes water and detergent before the cycle begins, maximizing the cleaning power of the detergent — so that you can love your favorite clothes longer. 

Optic Whites™ cycle keeps whites whiter than bleach

Keep your white clothing and linens looking newer longer with our Optic Whites™ cycle which prevents the redeposit of dirt and other residues, keeping whites whiter than the normal cycle with bleach.

Pure Rinse™ option rinses cleaner

Remove detergent residues and fragrances that can irritate skin with Pure Rinse™ which rinses cleaner than our extra rinse option without using more water.

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Over the past 20 years, consumers have quadrupled the number of garments they go through.**
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of clothes are thrown away before they need to be.*** As experts in care, we want to change the way we consume and care for our clothes.

Protect your most precious fabrics with Balanced Dry™

Keep your clothes looking their best with Balanced Dry™. It eliminates temperature spikes and keeps your garments cooler throughout the cycle without adding additional dry time.  

A more precise dry with our LuxCare® Dry System

Save time and energy and protect items from over- or under-drying with our unique sensor that detects humidity on the surface and inside items so that all your fabrics are treated with precision and care.

Instant Refresh cycle revives fabrics without washing

Save water and energy with Instant Refresh which removes wrinkles and refreshes items from light wear in 10 minutes, without having to do a full wash.

“Clothes could have more meaning and longevity if we think less about owning the latest or cheapest thing and develop more of a relationship with the things we wear” Elizabeth L. Cline Overdressed: The Shockingly High Cost of Cheap Fashion

Our goal: Make clothes last twice as long with half the environmental impact

At Electrolux, we’re always striving to make a difference. We’re seen as an industry leader in sustainability; perhaps in part because it’s in our DNA. 

  • SmartBoost® 600 washer
    • SmartBoost® Technology
    • Optic Whites™ Cycle
    • LuxCare® Plus Wash
    • Pure Rinse™
    • StainSoak™ Pre-Treatment
    • 15-minute fast wash
    • Adaptive PODS dispenser
  • LuxCare® Plus 500 washer
    • LuxCare® Plus Wash
    • Pure Rinse™
    • StainTreat™ II
    • 15-minute fast wash
    • Adaptive PODS dispenser
  • LuxCare® 400 washer
    • LuxCare® Wash
    • StainTreat™
    • 18-minute fast wash
    • Adaptive PODS dispenser
  • Balanced Dry™ 600 dryer
    • Balanced Dry™
    • LuxCare® Dry System
    • Instant Refresh
    • 15-minute fast dry
    • Predictive Dry™
  • LuxCare® 500 dryer
    • LuxCare® Dry System
    • Instant Refresh
    • 15-minute fast dry
    • Predictive Dry™
  • Instant Refresh 400 dryer
    • Instant Refresh
    • 18-minute fast dry
    • Moisture sensors

Electrolux is a proud partner of Nature United

We believe small, everyday changes make a big difference. When you register your Electrolux appliance, we’ll plant a tree on your behalf as part of Nature United's Plant a Billion Trees campaign, a major forest restoration effort with the goal of planting a billion trees across the planet. Together, we can help shape a better future for our planet — the home we all share.*

*Measuring Fashion. Global Impact Study, 2018
**Fashion Revolution
***AEG Care Label Project